My Boxer Chihuahua Mix Dog: Mixed Breed

My Boxer Chihuahua Mix Dog: Mixed Breed

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A look at the rising number of attacks by feral dogs as more and more canine pets are abandoned to the wild and returning to their pack hunter instincts. The…
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51 Responses to “My Boxer Chihuahua Mix Dog: Mixed Breed”

  1. davemc74656 Reply

    I want to get a dog, but I want one that is for beginners.

  2. KaiserFailed Reply

    aww thank you. You’re so sweet. Where are you writing from? :) x

  3. WweFuture2 Reply


  4. videos Reply

    your prettier than george michael

  5. KaiserFailed Reply

    Cody! Be nice to me :(

  6. Starwarfare Kîllèr Reply

    His name is paco

  7. Starwarfare Kîllèr Reply

    Cool I also have one

  8. Cody Stansbury Reply

    Girl with facial hair

  9. PureIndulgence Reply

    sooo cute!!!!

  10. Kaspiringpolar Reply

    He’s so cute!! You better make sure he gets fully vaccinated

  11. imfreetobeme8 Reply

    I love that name Jericho…I pray you are doing well

  12. jeannie baker Reply

    I seriously don’t understand why these trapped dogs were set free. As a child growing up in K.C…there were many days in the 50′s-60′s walking to and from school where large packs of dogs were roaming the streets. Females in heat. no doubt. I was a dog lover then and now but I would not go near these packs of’s that instinct of being cautious that most of us as humans have.

  13. juppongatana773 Reply

    Are they OFA certified? Do you show them?

  14. John Morgan Reply

    shut up dipshit

  15. C4eternity Reply

    “Caps” really? No it is delusional irresponsible “people” such as yourself that are the problem. Intelligent people such as myself have to clean up the mess left by red neck wannabes like you that cannot get it through their thick heads that these animals have no place in a civilised society no matter how “cute and cuddly” they may seem to you. No dogs equals no attacks but selfish simpletons like you cannot grasp this concept. You are no better than a drug dealer or pimp.

  16. Amelia Breshears Reply


  17. C4eternity Reply

    There is little use in trying to use logic on bleeding hearts and idiots, you may as well try to teach a chimpanzee how to split an atom. If I was betting on who would learn their lesson first, I would be putting all my money on the chimp. It is quite disturbing when the voice of reason is the one that is drowned out. The US, the gun capitol of the world, and all those guns going to waste. A hundred bucks a head and it would be no time before they were exterminated, now that would be awesome.

  18. 19southwillrise70 Reply

    Never opened

  19. juppongatana773 Reply

    Keep your mouth shut then.

  20. juppongatana773 Reply

    So rats deserve to eat in our cities? After all they are living creatures. Since these dogs need to eat does that excuse them from attacking people? Its either us or them. Don’t mistake them for your cuddly dogs at home these are WILD dogs and dangerous- more so than wolves because wolves avoid humans.

    I wouldn’t want to walk my dog or child in a city with tons of hungry wild dogs. There is really no other option other than killing them. Are we going to adopt wild dogs? really…

  21. Awesomely Weird Reply


  22. Awesomely Weird Reply

    What the fuck. Dogs are LIVING CREATURES THey need to eat too. How fast would you be if you were starving? How would you beg for food everyday, if you look horrid. By just shooting them, you might as well join them.

  23. 19southwillrise70 Reply

    The world does not value the opinion of stupid people.

  24. juppongatana773 Reply

    Those dogs are not pets nor strays. They are wild animals that should be exterminated. Just shoot them all. Problem solved.

  25. juppongatana773 Reply

    Are you retarded? Try “whispering” to a Dingo or African Wild Dog and see what happens. After all they’ve been trained to attack too.

  26. jamieh19861 . Reply

    Where I am from in uk I seen increase in alot people having dangerous dogs such as rottweiler,staffordshire bull terrier and so on and people who dont surely feel safe in the streets due to owners lack of caring and containing such dangerous pets even tho owners may say that there pet doesnt bite regardlessly how stupid owners can be cant change nature of pet ya have an agressive breed type of dog that always be part of its nature and that dogs behaviour can change in split second.

  27. Hialeah x Supras Reply

    CUBAN BRED BLOODHOUNDS! And A lot Of Presa Canario My Grandads Grandad Brought Presas From The Canary Islands To Cuba!

  28. Hialeah x Supras Reply


  29. plumeria66 Reply

    Doesn’t matter who’s to blame. There will always be way more dogs and not enough owners to adopt them. Unless u neuter dogs and stop breeding them, euthanasia is sadly the only solution.

  30. Chloe Skokan Reply

    oh my fucking god sorry for the swears but.. GOD PEOPLE WTF ARE YOU DOING?!?! The dogs are TRAINED like that you stupid Buttheads! And now THEY HAVE TO BE DEALT WITH. INSIDE THERE IS A DOG WHO IS AFRAID AND THAT MAKES HIM ANGRY. THIS IS BULLCRAP. WORST SHOW EVER!!!

  31. Aleska Dobreshow Reply

    What shit is that?!

  32. John II Reply

    Very unprofessional.

  33. Fira M Reply

    there are no bad dogs , just bad owners

  34. Morgan Robinson Reply

    Who fucking cares if there is a “predatory component” stop sticking up for these monsters! They just need to cull the herd, kill all of these animals.

  35. joe torske Reply

    i agree. however although i love my dog with all my heart if i seen him attack someone with no apperent cause i would end his life without hesitation to save the person

  36. Benihana Reply

    We are planning on getting a boxer, it is not certain if it will be a boy or a girl. But in general, what are some good names for both?

  37. Heath Reply

    I have a one year old boxer that eats kibbles and bites, and she eats like a horse but don’t put on weight. I free feed so there is always food down. I thought she was just in a lengthy stage of growth, but she should be done growing now? So I was wondering how I could fatten her up?
    she just got dewormed.

  38. Milk84 Reply

    I live in an apartment in NYC, i work from 9-6. How many times a day would i have to take a dog outside?
    I plan on getting a jack russel terrier

  39. Sergio Reply

    what is your dog’s name and what is it breed?

  40. Rassling Fundamentals Reply

    I have a 7 month old female spayed…the BEST BEST dog I’ve ever owned, soooo…I want to bring her home another friend, boxers out of the shelter are soo hard to find. Any other breeds to consider? I am committed this time to saving a life.

  41. slipknot0129 Reply

    not any mixed breads just flat!!!

  42. hank baseballs Reply

    I will soon be getting a dog and I have decided that either a Boxer or a Thai Ridgeback is best suited for my lifestyle. My question is do you know if these 2 dogs would do well together or would they butt heads? I know Thai Ridgebacks are rare in America. My guess is that if I got them as puppies they would do fine together and grow up just like siblings.

    Any thoughs and ideas are much appreciated.

    Thai Ridgeback:

    Thank you!

  43. Lasagna delivery guy Reply

    other then goldens,labs and mixes of them cuz that’s obvious :)

    for hearing,seizure alert dogs,seeing eye and whatever else you can think of
    i’m just wondering
    happy holidays:)

  44. Dr Dorian Reply

    Ive been meaning to get a dog ever since my dog got runned over. I just cant decide what kind. I want something thats not to expensive and to be medium size. maybe something can find in an animal shelter to.
    wow really i didnt know we were gong to discuss grammar you dumbass. and the reason he got run over was because someone let the door open. and please dont tell me how to care for my dog because i cared for that dog alo. and for you to tell me that i cant care for one with out even knowing , well lets just say you can go to hell.

  45. opurt Reply

    Ok my puppy is 1/2 newf 1/2 saint. I met the parents both sweet, but protective (until of course they knew we were ok and then they went back to what they were doing). My puppy looks like his newfie mom, does this mean that he is more likely to pick up newfie characteristics than the saint, or is it still a mixed bag, lets see what you get kinda deal?

  46. Dark_LovexXx Reply

    Hi! What breed do you think would fit my lifestyle? I am thinking of getting a Chihuahua.
    1. I have another dog who is a Boxer/Boston Terrier mix. He is a little rough when he plays, but nothing to serious (playfully bites, and does jump around when he plays with other dogs). I need a dog that can handle this kind of play & also live with another dog.
    2. I live in a medium sized house. Not as big as a condo, but also not as small as an apartment.
    3. I have a pretty big sized yard, but it isn’t fenced.
    4. I walk my dog around the neighborhood & play with him everyday. I play with him for about 20 minutes, then walk him up & down the road for about 20 more minutes to get out some extra energy. I need a dog that has medium energy.
    5. I can afford vet bills, extra dog food, etc., so money isn’t a problem.
    6. I work, so i need a dog that can stay alone by himself with my other dog without any problems for a little while.

    Do you have any kind of dog that would fit my lifestyle? What about a Chihuahua? Thanks. :]

  47. Matthew Reply

    I have two older dogs, a boxer who is 7 and a whippet who is 15. I wanted to introduce a puppy into the mix, but I’m not sure what kind of dog would mesh well with them. Any ideas?

  48. mmminja Reply

    Is it smarter to go to a shelter and get a dog I’m new to crowning dogs and the close shelters mostly have Chihuahua boxer mixes collies and shelties and I’m more laid back I want a dog that I can pet and teach tricks but is lazy like me so should I go to a shelter or buy one from which seems like a really good site and has every common dog breed.

    I’ve checked and Non
    e of the dogs near me are for me and my way of life thanks for the help.

  49. shahedC Reply

    What was the breed or mix of the dog and what did it get called/confused with?
    Do you ever correct the person that mistook your dog?
    Can you perhaps see in some way how they could of managed to of confused your dogs mix/breed with something different?

    I have had one of my dogs called a Pit Bull a few times because he has american staffy in his mix. Boxer/amstaffy and ridgeback mix. Where I live American staffies and american pit bull terriers are two separate breeds. to me personally I dont think he looks like a true Pit Bull at all but because of the amount of other breeds and mixes put under the Pit Bull umbrella term Ii can also see how it is possible to as well to people who arent to informed on the matter of the Pit Bull and the breeds/mixes mislabeled as such This is him here! :)

    A friend of mine has Bichon that once got called an overweight poodle

  50. D3ZZY Reply

    and what breed or mix were they?

    this is curiosity.

    my family had:
    6 siberian huskies
    6 malamutes
    1 border collie mix
    3 rottweilers
    4 akitas (3 american 1 japanese brought over by my grandfather)
    1 mastiff X rott
    1 corgi
    3 chihuahua’s
    1 pembroke welsh corgi
    1 white boxer
    1 pom x chihuahua
    1 boxer X lab X great dane
    legit: what will your next breed be or will you adopt from a shelter or rescue?
    most of them lived and died naturally. the boxer was deaf and the dog sitter let her and the border collie mix out…someone thought he was a wolf and shot. the boxer was stolen.
    1 rott and the rott mix both died of health issues. pom x chihuahua was stolen by a man working for us and sold. 1 chihuahua was let loose by a neighbors kid and hit by a car.
    im not giving TD’s
    opps lol just realized i put corgi on their twice!!

    we inherited the huskys and mals all the mixes were rescues as were 2 akitas. and i believe we rescued the boxer as well.

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