The Off Command in Dog Training : The Off Command in Dog Training

In dog training, the off command is also known as four paws on the floor. Learn how to teach a dog the off command in this free video on pet training. Expert…
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The final step is commanding a dog to roll over vocally. Learn to command a dog properly with tips from a professional dog trainer in this free pet care vide…
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9 Responses to “The Off Command in Dog Training : The Off Command in Dog Training”

  1. IloveDogTraining Reply

    dogs are wonderful you can tell how happy they are

  2. Taylor2k Reply

    I know there’s a command for reseting a computer to it’s shipped (for lack of a better word) settings with nothing on it. I have the software to get it running again, I just need to know the command to reset the computer.

  3. iovecupcakes1 Reply

    thank you!

  4. Xedo Reply

    my friend’s dog is a good well behaved dog, even if we take him to the park, and when he is around people kids and other dogs. but the pet store, he goes insane………..what can she do to help him?

  5. Sir fliesalot Reply

    For command prompt to be able to compile java, we need jdk, right?
    But after i installed jdk, the command prompt still can’t recognize the java compiler command.
    It says, ‘javac’ is not recognized as an internal or external command, operable program or batch file.
    What should i do so that command prompt can read the java compiler?

  6. Ryan Z Reply

    I always second guess every decision I make. I have asked questions on here before about dog behavior problems and most people are mean. However they recommended training. So I looked into different ones. I finally picked one because I needed a lot of help with my dog. It is odd because my area does not offer training and I never see anyone walking there dogs and training is a little taboo here or not known about. My vet could not even provide me with a trainer reference. So this is all new to me.

    OK there are two schools that caught my eye. I went with the one farther away and most expensive lol…
    I met the people and had a great feeling about them. However I have never taken a dog to training before.
    The trainer had experience 15 years and starts with treats then takes them away. He said he uses confidence building with toys and games. The owner and the trainer met me at the door which I thought was impressive and answered a lot of questions I had. I stayed for about an hour or more talking with them. The facility was nice and I feel I am paying for it though. My dog’s room even has a TV. I got a tour of the facility and it has a spa, cafe, swimming pool and agility course. The owner personally owns many dogs the same breed as mine. I got to see the dogs in action somewhat. The trainer took my dog and worked with him while talking to us. He told me he would learn about five commands along with basic behavior. They said he needed at least two weeks there but a month was the best. It will cost over $2000 for the month. He gets at least one hour training each day and I payed for fetch and play 30 minutes and he will go outside 4 times a day to use the restroom. I took my other dog with me that doesn’t have many behavior problems and they said they could do a lot with him in a week. (He is older and has trouble on the leash). They said they both could stay in the same room for 24 dollars more a day but that doesn’t include the training.
    The other facility is where I actually bought the dog from. The price is cheaper and they learn 11 commands but the off leash commands are not guaranteed and I understand that. The commands are basically the same as the main five he is learning but a little more detailed such as a sit stay and a down stay. Plus they learn some hand signals. The use positive behavior method without treats. They said that is what they were taught in school to do since the dog isn’t always hungry. They also use a choke collar. However the other trainer also showed me one that he may use to train him with. It had triangle like metal things on it. So I guess they are about the same with that part. But the one I bought him at is not a nice facility. I have seen it and I am sure it would be good enough for a dog though. However they sold me my dog when he was 5 weeks old and I understand that it wasn’t a good thing to do now. This facility provides training of more commands for a much cheaper price. They even offer protection classes and also train police dogs. The facility he is in does not do that for insurance reasons they said.
    So I am wondering if I should go with the one he is in and if he should stay for just two weeks and let my dog join him next week. Or let him stay the month and pray it is worth it and let my dog join him later. …Or go and get him sooner and take him to the other place for private training or to stay there. I have no dog trainers in my area so they said it would be good to leave him there instead of driving an hour and half each week for lessons. I have a pretty open schedule though.
    My dog has been there 4 days.
    I am just confused and don’t want to get ripped off and I don’t want my dog to be unhappy and I don’t want to be unhappy.
    Any advice?

    Here are the links.

  7. nasty1 Reply

    My boyfriend just bought a full breed doberman puppy, for my children also saying we needed a good guard dog.. I need to know what all I can do from home to train her into a good guard dog to work off commands, & to obey every command I give her.. She is 6 weeks old, we are planning on getting her ears done as well.. I don’t have the time or money for dog school & don’t know if all that is necessary.. I want to be able to train her on my own with specific commands.. Can you please help me only providing if you are knowledgeable of this breed.. Tell me some commands, tell me what not to use & say.. I need all help possible because I want this dog to be the best I have ever had she was not cheap..
    omg I am terrified now after reading some of your answers, especially the dcm, the heart problems, my heart has sunk, & I feel sick now.. I dont even know what to do now Im so scared I made a huge mistake

  8. apleaforbrandon Reply

    This is my fault, I know. she is 8 months old, and when I got her you were moving so my priorities were not on her training. I have decided that she needs to be retrained and I need some suggestions. one if my main problems is that she bullys me. she does not understand that she doesn’t have to stand on my face and sit on my chest and paw at me when I’m not petting her. as soon as I sit down she is sitting on me trying to make me pet her by, licking my face, and being in my way. I started not letting her on the bed recently and she’s learning it okay. she understands when to get off and she knows that command well but she just jumps up whenever she feels like it, but she has started to slow down on that. I have read the best way to train her is a consistent schedule, and a constant set of rules. I know her training and behavior is a good reflection of my control over her, and when she doesn’t listen it’s embarrassing. this is my very first dog and I know now I should of done a lot more research before getting her, however I will never ever get rid of her or put her in a shelter for any reason and she is my best friend for life. any tips you may have would be greatly appreciated- or maybe even a website that you know of that has lots of good ideas?
    oh and on a side note, my full attention is focused on her now and I will do anything I can to make sure that she listens…
    please don’t send any messages being mean or unnecessarily rude to me, I’m just trying my best to fix my mistakes
    sorry about any spelling or grammar errors I am posting this from my phone…
    She is 60% arctic tundra wolf, and forty percent siberian husky….
    She has her kennel that is open and she uses it like a bed cause her baby blankets in there. I do have a little treats zukes mini natural, she loves them and they workreally good. ( I think they smell terrible) as for walks she doesn’t get very many just plain old walks, but we go to the park everyday and if we don’t go off leash at the park because she can’t always be trusted-we go for a run she pulls me on my scooter for probably 2 kilometers or even more, sometimes we just run around in the backyard she does is crazy thing where she runs like1,000,000 miles an hour running in circles it’s ridiculous….
    thanks for all the help guys everything is really appreciated. I suppose I am lucky she’s not aggressive at all and is really good with kids :)

  9. XplicitzZ Reply

    I have a 10 month old female Australian Shepherd who is having lots of trouble with coming when she is called. I practice with her at home, but as soon as I try it at an off-leash park or a field near my house, she completely ignores me. I’ve tried walking slowly to her, but as soon as I get near her to put her leash on, she makes a big game of it and runs away. I’ve tried many treats, but she still doesn’t come. Please Help! I would like her to be obedient, but she’s just having trouble with this command. I have had experience training guide dogs for the blind, and none of them have had a problem with this.

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